Is Marijuana Fully Legal In Europe?


In this part of the world, Europe was known to be some of the first countries that started legalizing marijuana. Countries across Europe are much better at taking a pass on those smoking a joint. After all, 1 out of 8 Europeans is seen to be actively taking marijuana with an increase of 1% each year. However, not all of the countries are where you’ll encounter a weed junkie lighting up a joint in public places. It differs from country to country. Even when you read multiple hemp guides regarding this drug, they might not be able to tell where exactly is marijuana legal in Europe. These guides just tell you what kind of marijuana is available.

In this article, we’ll break down whether marijuana is fully legal all across Europe:

1. United Kingdom

For the United Kingdom, the marijuana laws stated that it can only be used for medicinal purposes, not for recreational purposes. This means that they see the potential in using marijuana for its medicinal benefits, but not enough to allow their entire citizens to indulge in it. However, there was a dispensary for medical purposes that was just opened around the area of Greater Manchester. But again, it is solely for medical reasons only. If you are caught with any amount of marijuana, you will be prone to a warning or seizure. Second warnings will usually require you to pay a fee, while a third warning could result in a prison sentence which could go as long as 5 years. 

2. Czech Republic 

Here, medical practitioners are allowed to get their hands on up to 180 grams of marijuana every month. However, only licensed doctors are allowed to prescribe marijuana to their patients, which are usually psychiatrists or oncologists. Other than that, the government is pretty lenient on its citizens using marijuana for recreational use as well. You will not be punished by the law for possessing a small amount of marijuana. Despite that, there might be certain cases where you will be fined as high as 15,000 Czech Koruna, or get thrown into jail for owning a large amount of marijuana. 

3. Italy 

When you’re in Italy, you might get utterly confused with the laws regarding marijuana. It is considered legal if you sell marijuana that consists of a low THC percentage. You’ll also be bound to encounter various cannabis stores all across the streets of the main Italian cities. Nonetheless, it is considered illegal if you are found consuming marijuana. The people you see selling it along the streets are known to be under collector’s items. You can however use marijuana freely for medicinal purposes, but only for certain diseases and treatments such as Tourette’s syndrome, nausea, glaucoma, to name a few.

5. Switzerland

This is another European country that provides legality for marijuana, but only in the medical sector. Pharmacies and shops selling marijuana in the streets are a common sight. This legal marijuana only consists of a low THC percentage, hence, they are only used to cure pains or aches. If you expect to get high from them, you won’t as the content is not enough to make someone high. Citizens will be punished by the law for consuming marijuana illegally, provided you have more than 10 grams of marijuana in your pockets. Besides that, you are pretty much safe from the legal laws. Bear in mind, it is technically not fully legal to be in the possession of marijuana in Switzerland, so be careful if you were to get your hands on them. Just don’t be seen in public smoking up, do it in private.  

6. Germany

In the borders of Germany, it is safe to say that the laws regarding marijuana are less strict. You are still not allowed to possess marijuana, but you will not be thrown into jail for being caught, as long as it is a small amount. Marijuana for medical use was already legalized a few years ago due to the increase in demand for patients needing this particular plant to survive. The amount you can be seen with would be in the range of 6 grams to 15 grams. More than that, then you might be charged with criminal charges by the law.