Map of Italy

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Italy ( by population)

1. Rome
2. Milano
3. Napoli
4. Torino
5. Palermo
6. Genova
7. Florence
8. Bologna
9. Bari
10. Catania


Italy Known For:

Italian Food
Travel Destination
Expensive and Fast Cars


Top 10 Facts About Italy

1 .Unions are very popular in Italy, more than 40% of the workforce in Italy is unionized.
2. There are over 3,000 beautiful and interesting museums throughout Italy
3. Italy is a home to three still-active volcanoes – those being Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli.
4. A Roman Legion was made up of 5000 brave men
5. Italy’s president is only a ceremonial figure
6. On average every Italian will consume 25 kilograms of pasta per year
7. On average every Italian will consume 26 kilograms of pasta per year
8. The founding of Rome occurred in 753BC
9. Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world with an impressive 40 million tourists
10. Italy has two of it’s very own ‘microstates’ – the Vatican City and San Marino