Mobile Apps To Download For Tourists in Europe


For those considering a sojourn somewhere around the world, Europe can be one of the most beautiful places to travel to. With stunning cities like London and Paris and Rome, all offering gorgeous cityscapes and lovely scenic getaways from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, you’ll definitely be able to relax and unwind while holidaying in this famous continent. But despite all the breathtaking vistas and old school wonders to behold within its borders, Europe – for lack of a better term – is large. It’s teeming with all sorts of sights to behold and all sorts of activities to do, and when you’re so spoilt for choice on travel options, how do you decide which place to go and how to go to them? 

Thankfully, if there’s one thing that can solve all our problems and is something we basically carry around all the time anyway, it’s our mobile phones. Over the years, as Europe became an increasingly popular tourist destination for people all over the world, there have been mobile app agency in Malaysia and across the globe that have created handy mobile apps to cater to those vacationing in Europe. So if you’re interested in a holiday somewhere in Europe, but don’t know where to start? You can check out mobile app development companies in Malaysia and all around the world and see these 4 mobile apps for tourists in Europe! 

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Formerly known as GoEuro, Omio is perhaps one of the most famous mobile travel apps for those considering a trip to Europe. The app offers comprehensive bus, train, and flight options to places all across Europe, from Italy to London to Rome. Their database helps tailor the best routes for your trips from city to city and allows you to see the best sights each has to offer; without having to tear your hair out in frustration to configure the unfamiliar trails and public transport of the European continent. Not to mention, Omio also offers its services in 12 different languages, so whether you’re fluent in English or otherwise, you can count on this app to plan your travels in Europe quickly and efficiently! 

Culture Trip 

Though not exclusive to Europe (offering travel services for places all throughout the world-), Culture Trip is still the mobile travel application to finding good places to visit in Europe. The app provides hundreds upon hundreds of locations, from the most popular tourist traps to the less-known aspects of local culture, all to give you an exciting and comprehensive approach to traveling in Europe. Culture Trip can use your location to recommend hundreds of nearby travel destinations and is even equipped with an AI that can learn your preferences and start recommending travel options that cater to your apparent needs. So if you’re lost as to where to go in the wide, exciting expanse of Europe, Culture Trip has got you covered! 


Has planning for your travel holiday worked you up into a tizzy? With things like flight plans and baggage and itineraries and even unforeseen delays to consider, traveling for a holiday can simultaneously be one of the most gratifying yet frustrating endeavors to ever pursue. Luckily, TripCase is a mobile application that can resolve all of those issues and give you the stress-free holiday you need and deserve. Far removed from physical itineraries and traditional means of storing travel information, TripCase is an application that enables travelers to store all their travel information in one place. This gives them a convenient place to put all the necessary information about travel, accommodations, flights, and etc; and even helps them check for potential delays in flights so as to not be impacted by unforeseen circumstances. For those wishing to organize their travel plans in a neat little place, you can do so on TripCase! 

The Fork 

A travel trip to Europe is nothing without sampling the local food. The vast continent is dotted throughout with all sorts of restaurants featuring all sorts of flavors, simply inviting you to step through their doors and try all the delicious tastes within. Unfortunately, the smorgasbord of diners and cafes and restaurants in Europe offers just another potential problem – where’s the best place to eat? 

The Fork is an app that can solve all your European holiday dining needs. Partnered with a ton of restaurants and dining places scattered all throughout Europe (such as France, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and Italy just to name a few-), The Fork allows you to make reservations at all types of different restaurants around the continent to sample all the local flavors found within. Not to mention, making reservations via The Fork can also sometimes net you large discounts; with up to a potential of 50% offered. As such, it can really be said that The Fork makes dining in Europe quick, cheaper, and less frustrating! For more interesting articles, you can click here.

Europe is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to consider a vacation to during the holidays. So rather than letting frustrating traditional travel planning douse your enthusiasm, why not download these 4 convenient mobile travel apps to give you a stress-free trip around Europe?