No-Fly European Cruises


The continent of Europe offers some of the most diverse, interesting and varied countries on the planet. No two are the same, which means every trip you take there offers something new to absorb and appreciate. But often we’re left wanting; as though one country just isn’t enough. Lucky for us then that there are plenty of European cruises available, leaving us with only one thing to think about: which one to choose!

Residents of the UK have a pretty easy ride when it comes to cruising around Europe. Thanks to the island’s close proximity to the larger landmass holidaymakers can enjoy a no fly cruise departing from one of Britain’s many port harbours, though usually Southampton or Dover, heading out across the Channel. There are a number of different options for 2013 cruises from the UK to Europe, the most obvious of which is perhaps the French Riviera.

Here you can bask in the glamour of chic sophistication that has long been associated with this coastline. The beautiful city of Nice offers some picture perfect walks and bike rides and makes for a perfect beginning to your cruise fairy tale. You can also experience Cannes, which has been made famous by the international film festival that takes place here annually. There are some great churches and museums here to have a look at, or you might just like to sit in a beachside café and watch the locals going by. There’s even more luxury to be found in Monaco, where the glitterati go to hang out in the stylish, cinematic atmosphere. Cruises in the region often head along the coast through Tuscany, where you can indulge in some fantastic wines, then onto Rome to drink in the rich history of the area.

For something a little different, travellers might like to consider a cruise around the Norwegian fjords. There are few areas that compare in terms of natural beauty; it really is like entering another world. There are several cruise itineraries to choose from, though on all of them you’re guaranteed to see some of the most remarkable landscapes in the world. Bergen is a lovely city port from which you can start your journey through the fjords. These deep, narrow waterways were formed thousands of years ago through changing glacial activity. You’ll be surrounded by sheer, breath-taking cliffs, topped with crisp white snow and ice. You can sail above the Arctic Circle into the North Cape and experience “the edge of the world”. If you choose your travel time carefully, you’ll be able to experience the famed Midnight Sun into the bargain.

Other potential cruise routes include the Mediterranean, with port calls at Valencia, Sardinia and Naples amongst others. A Mediterranean cruise is the perfect way to experience this ancient trade route upon which so much history was made. Alternatively you may be more interested in a Baltic cruise, stopping in at St Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen, for example. The possibilities are almost endless so really, the choice is yours!