Map Of Norway


Top 10 Biggest Cities in Norway ( by population)

1. Oslo
2. Bergen
3. Stavanger
4. Trondheim
5. Drammen
6. Kristiansand
7. Troms
8. Tonsberg
9. Alesund
10. Haugesund


Norway Known For::
Norwegian Salmon
Cold Weather
Northern Lights Phenomenon


Top 10 Facts About Norway

1. Norway is also known as ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’
2. In Norway food stores aren’t allowed to open on Sundays – though kiosks and petrol stations that sell groceries can
3. Two thirds of Norway’s land mass is mountain!
4. Norway is strict on its drink driving policies – get caught and you go to jail for thirty days and lose your license for a year
5. Norway is one of the top producers of oil in the world – and yet gas costs more there than almost any other country
6. The 17th of May is celebrated as a national holiday in Norway to recognize the signing of the Norwegian Constitution
7. Many Norwegians travel across the border to Sweden to do their shopping as food is so expensive there.
8. Education is free in Norway – including college and university!
9. Although Norway has voted out of EU membership many times, it is still the country that has observed the largest proportion of EU directives
10. Norway is one of the only countries where people hunt whales