Planning a Europe Vacation


A Europe vacation can be approached many different ways. There are Europe vacation planners that will plan your entire trip according to where you would like to stay, what sight you want to see, and what kind of hotels you prefer to stay in. You can plan your trip yourself, or you can throw caution to the wind and just go where fate leads you.

A Europe vacation planner is typically quite pricey, yet well worth it, if you do not have the time to call around and make reservations. Companies such as Euro Vacations, European  Destinations and Expedia offer excellent package choices as well as build your own plans where you choose what cities you want to visit, how many nights in each city and which sights are on your priority list.

If you are looking to save a little money then planning your Europe vacation yourself would be the best bet. It will take a lot of work especially if you have never been to Europe before, but hotel staff and other contacts will be happy to answer your questions about dining opportunities, nearby attractions and give you phone numbers for such places.

If you want to plan your Europe vacation yourself, it is a good idea to keep a schedule handy. Maybe print up a Europe Vacation time table, one sheet for each day with half hour or full hour time slots. As you schedule different things you can easily add them in to your timetable. This will also prevent you from overlapping activities or leaving huge gaps of time with nothing to do.

Another hint of advice, schedule your sight seeing activities first. The last thing you want is a hotel in a place where you cannot schedule anything for those days. Also, you may begin wanting to spend 3 days in London then 5 days in Berlin, then find that you want to spend more time in London a little less in Berlin and perhaps some in another city you didn’t originally plan on. Once you have your Europe vacation activities planned you can be confident in your hotel choices.

Throwing all caution to the wind can also be a wonderful way to spend a Europe vacation. What does that mean? It means not scheduling your hotel stays, your sight seeing trips, none of it. Book a flight into a European city that you want to spend most of your time in, be sure to pack light and just go with the flow of things. Ask locals what is going on, local festivals, good places to eat popular pubs and quaint hotels.