Map Of Poland


Top 10 Biggest Cities in Poland ( by population)

1. Warsaw
2. Lodz
3. Krakow
4. Wroclaw
5. Poznan
6. Gdansk
7. Szczecin
8. Bydgoszcz
9. Lublin
10. Katowice


Poland Known For::
Polish Sausage
Pope-John Paul 2nd
Beautiful women


Top 10 Facts About Poland

1. A white tailed Eagle is the national symbol for Poland
2. Meanwhile a mermaid provides the symbol for Poland’s capital (Warsaw)
3. For 40 years following WW2 it was illegal to teach German in Poland
4. If you hang a Polish flag upside down it looks the same as the flags of Monaco and Indonesia
5. A third of the country is covered in forest, and 50% of the land is entirely dedicated to farming
6. If you’re an English teacher in Poland then you can expect to make more money than a doctor!
7. Roman Catholicism is by far the dominant religion in Poland – there’s even a television channel dedicated entirely to the Pope
8. Name days’ are celebrated in Poland, and are considered more important than even birthdays!
9. In Poland grocery stores always have huge sweets sections
10. The Polish are fans of their alcohol, and here you can get beer as strong as 10%