Popular Courses In European Countries

bidang kulinari

Continuing studies is something so important, desired by students, and a journey that every student is required to go through before you step into the working phase, but it can also be a burden to most families, and there are a lot of factors why. It can be a hassle when you as the child is expected to achieve certain targets. Moreover, you are most probably being forced to continue your study with something you do not have a passion for it. But the main reason why is because continuing your studies takes a lot of money, and this does not include the money you will need to do assignments and tasks, and also your pocket money. Thus, it is very crucial for every child to sit with his or her parents and have a proper discussion about it. If we live in Malaysia, and only by wanting to continue our studies in “bidang kulinari” makes us think several times, what about the people who live in foreign countries, who probably required to pay more? But not in European countries, there are so many people that got to continue their studies and would definitely go if they get the chance to. Students that got to further their studies abroad would find scholarships if they are not offered by any organizations or they would find extra income by working part-time jobs.

bidang kulinari

In European countries, there are many general courses that you can still find in any country, generally. But people would come here for the good lectures and their education systems. One of the popular courses, including Fashion Marketing. European countries are very popular with high fashion and people who love fashion as well. There is a lot of high fashion like Dior, Versace, and etc that will do annual events and photoshoots in any of these European countries such as Germany, Italy, and especially in Paris, France. 

Another recommended and highly suggested education course in European countries is Football Management. Maybe for some countries, Football Management or Sports Management (pengurusan sukan) or Sports Science (sains sukan) are not generally providing incomes for the future but there is no harm if you would like to try or if you believe if it is your passion. To whoever who likes sports and football, you guys should really find out more about it, because I heard that some of the good managers in football sports are from European countries.

Moving on to the next demanded course to further your studies, would be Biotechnology. Biotechnology is where people learn about the usefulness of biological systems in microorganisms of living organisms, and how to utilizes the studies and the products they have found and apply it in technological advances. Normally this course will lead to agricultural sectors. If you are a student who finds this interesting, you should really apply and find out more about it. Because European countries are also known for their advanced technologies, who knows you might be able to learn something that Malaysia could not provide. With a lot of knowledge and intelligence from studying there, you can teach or sell products with the knowledge that not many Malaysians have. 


In conclusion, European countries are undeniably advanced and one of the top recommended countries for you to further your studies. They can offer you so many high suggestion courses that can be a demand in the next 10 years. The reason why they would know this is because they have made an analysis and observations of the current issues and human behaviors. With the changes of interest, hobbies, likings, and our top search in search engine optimization, the government is able to manipulate products and services, including marketing based on our likings. There is also one best suggestion that I could recommend where you can always continue your studies within this country, Malaysia. Malaysia has several high listed universities that offer you a variety of courses that might surprise you, such as Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), University of Malaya, and etc. For UiTM, a few courses that attract many students are business, mass communication, fashion, and art courses. Meanwhile, the University of Malaya is best for its law and economy courses. Last but not least, you can choose culinary, office management, or sports management in Widad.