Map Of Portugal


Top 10 Biggest Cities in Portugal ( by population)

1. Lisbon
2. Porto
3. Amadora
4. Braga
5. Setubal
6. Coimbra
7. Queluz
8. Funchal
9. Cacem
10. Vila Nova de Gaia


Portugal Known For::
Beautiful Women
Freindly People
Great Beaches
Lady of Fatima


Top 10 Facts About Portugal

1. Portugal is actually Europe’s oldest country!
2. The Windsor Treaty, signed in 1386 between Engaldn and Portugal, outlined the world’s first ever diplomatic alliance
3. 1910 – 1926 Portugal went through a lot of changes – to be specific 44 different governments came to power, there were 20 militant takeovers and 12 presidents!
4. Portugal is the proud owner of Europe’s largest bridge. At 17 kilometers it’s the ‘Vasco de Gama Bridge’
5. Portugese is spoken in 9 different countries: Portugal (of course), Cape Verde, Angola, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and few others
6. One well known character from Portugal is Ferdinand Magellan – the first man to sail around the globe!
7. Cork is a huge export for Portugal – it’s actually the biggest producer of cork in the world!
8. Lisbon actually dates back further than Rome but during Roman times a lot changed – and for that period Portugal
9. The Estoril Casino in Lisbon is the biggest outlet for gambling in the continent
10. But during Roman times a lot changed – and for that period Portugal was known as ‘Luisitania’