Public Transport in Europe


When you visit a foreign country on holiday you need to think about how you are going to getting around when you are there and Europe is no different where you need to decide if you want to use public transport in Europe or not. Of course one option is to rent a car and this will of course give you a certain amount of autonomy and freedom. However it’s also always going to cost more than relying on public transport in Europe, involve more expensive fuel prices than you’re used to, require a place to park, and lead to the stressful navigation of a foreign city. As such, when possible it can be a good idea to get public transport in Europe, particularly if you’re not planning on doing many long journeys.

Depending on where you’re going, the public transport in Europe can be very helpful and practical. Public transport in Europe obviously varies from country to country, but in some of the larger cities it’s very helpful.

For example the underground system in London is one example of highly practical public transport in Europe. Here you have countless stations around the city dotted just one or two miles from each other, and trains running between them every couple of minutes. This means that this public transport in Europe can get you to any precise location in London within a mile of where you want to be in only a very short space of time. Meanwhile over-ground a highly efficient and regular bus service runs regularly too offering another form of public transport in Europe. A day pass for both systems can be purchased for around seven British pounds meaning that this public transport in Europe is also very good value.

Another example of great public transport in Europe is the Metro system in Rome. This example of public transport in Europe is even cheaper than the London underground and also has fewer queues and crowds. Again this is an example of public transport in Europe which will take you right outside each and every major landmark in Rome.

In this way public transport in Europe might also affect other aspects of your holiday, for example where you stay, and if you’re visiting Rome for example then you only need to pick somewhere that’s close to a Metro in order to have access to everything you need. This is one reason that it’s so important to look into public transport in Europe before you head to the country you’re going to.