Map Of Romania


Top 10 Biggest Cities in Romania ( by population)

1. Bucharest
2. Iasi
3. Cluj-Napoca
4. Timisoara
5. Craiova
6. Constanta
7. Galati
8. Brasov
9. Ploiesti
10. Braila


Romania Known For::

Dracula and Transylvania
Beautiful Nature
Scientist and Their Inventions


Top 10 Facts About Romania

1. Dracula was actually based on a Wallachian Prince – Vlad Dracul – who would famously impale severed heads outside his castle as a warning to dissidents
2. Bran Castle, as the castle is known, in fact still exists and is one of Romania’s top tourist attractions
3. The word Transylvania comes from Latin and translates literally as ‘beyond the forest’
4. Romania joined the EU at the same time as Bulgaria in 2007
5. Palatul Parlamentului is the second biggest building in the world and is located in Bucharest
6. After Romanian, Hungarian and German are two of the most commonly spoken languages in the country
7. Nadia Commaneci, a Romanian gymnast, was the first ever to achieve a perfect 10 score during the 1976 Montreal Olympics
8. Romania’s wilderness is the last natural habitat of the brown bear
9. The Danube is the longest international river in Europe finishing at the Black Sea on the Romanian coast
10. People used to call Bucharest “little Paris”.