Map Of Russia


Top 10 Biggest Cities in Russia ( by population)

1. Moscow
2. Saint Petersburg
3. Novosibirsk
4. Yekaterinburg
5. Nizhniy Novgorod
6. Samara
7. Omsk
8. Kazan
9. Rostov
10. Chelyabinsk


Russia Known For::

Russian Roulette
Russian Vodka
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Kalashnikov Riffle AK 47
Russian Mafia


Top 10 Facts About Russia

1. Russia and the US are close neighbours – the closest point between the two countries is only 4KM!
2. The biggest country in the world is Russia which spans a huge 17.1 million square kilometers3. Moscow is the largest city in Europe – fitting perhaps for such a large country4. With all this size it should be no surprise that Russia is rich in natural resources – including gas, timber and oil5. Moscow is also rich in another sense as home to more billionaires than any other city6. Russian uses a different alphabet called the ‘Cryillic alphabet’ (we use the Latin alphabet). It is among the five most spoken languages.7. Russia is famous for “Sputnik” – the first man-made satellite to be launched into space8. Moscow (Russia’s capital) is home to more used subway systems than any other city on Earth9. Russia is unusual in that it celebrates new year twice in a year – on the 1st of January and the 14th of January (The Orthodox New Year)10. Russians really are fans of vodka, it is one of the most commonly enjoyed drinks there