Sexual Behaviors Caused Sexual Infections In Europe

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Based on the latest study and research, it is proven that European countries hold all three top tiers for searching the most adult toys on Google, especially during this Pandemic. Those countries include Denmark, Sweden, and Greenland. The most shocking thing is all these countries are able to beat the United States in the chart. Apart from flu and the Pandemic that cost a lot of death in European countries, Europe also holds high numbers of sexual health problems. That is why many studies have been done to detect the reasons why these infections could happen. 

If you ever been to European countries for traveling or even for work purposes, you can tell how much access and open they are about their sexual activities. 

Adult Toy Stores

By just walking around their cities, you could find several adult stores that sell many kinds of adult toy products for people. That also became one of the reasons why the statement in the previous paragraph made sense, as the Europeans were not able to go out and buy it from the stores during the lockdowns and the Pandemic going on around the world, and that made them look for the toys online. Regardless, there are many products to enhance sexual desires (alat bantu seks) that you can find on Google such as sex toy online Malaysia, even people in the European countries are able to get it with free international shipping from certain sellers. Hence, we can conclude why there are many Europeans on Google looking for it. 

Sex Workers

If you can see the number of numbers of adult stores, you would not be surprised about the legitimacy of sex workers and the prostitution industry in European countries. For basic knowledge, in Netherland, for many decades before, these sex trades were tolerated more and less and only allowed to be legally on business in 2000. Most countries in Europe allow this specific kind of business is to limit human trafficking, improve and encourage worker access to health care and provide safety for sex workers. Based on proven fact and research, European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Turkey, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Latvia, allows prostitution industry to be legal and regulated. Meanwhile, in other countries, they have been provided legitimacy but are not regulated. 

But there are also many cases of various infections led from random sexual activities going around. To know the rising of HIV infection in Europe, a study has been about value structure and sexual behavior. About five hundred and three respondents which included business people, doctors, and nurses from Hungary, Poland, Russia and etc, complete Schwartz’s Portrait Values Questionnaire. In their reports, they compiled the condom use, partnership history, and also the record of sexual disease. The results show that the values are very much moderate but have consistent relations with sexual behavior, adding more riskier sexual activity.

Some of the value structures and sexual behavior: 

Openness To Change

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People who score highly on this value are stressed to a pleasurable, variety, and daring life. These people seek intense sensations and experience and are also willing to take high levels of sexual risk for the sake of such experiences. 

Self Enhancement And Self-Transcendence

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Meanwhile, people specifically in these sexual behaviors are more complex and gender-specific. Sociobiological research has argued a strong value on power and social prestige among men can be an important tool to attract female mates. Less likely for males seeking female partners. 


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For hedonism, they like to seek pleasure and sensual gratification for themselves and show obvious risk-taking. As same as sexual adventurists, they are likely to be at high risk of HIV infection. Thus, we can expect people in hedonism to have more sexual diseases and multiple partners in their sexual activities.  

After the process of evaluating all the respondents’ responses and statistics, it is concluded that people who hold Openness To Change and Hedonism values would have and had more sexual encounters and much greater exposure to STD compared to Self Enhancement and Self-Transcendence.

To wrap things up, based on all collected demographics details, we cannot be surprised if European countries encounter many kinds of sexual health problems as the people are known to be very active in sexual activities. I believe that because of legitimacy in the prostitution business and adult stores around the countries, it allows more citizens to be more open about their sexual behaviors as well. 

Regardless, if the government said that their main focus was to protect the health of their sex workers and citizens, they should kindly create a new strategic force that controls these kinds of things, because some people are actually infected by not knowing the real issue. Many people should really start taking things seriously because if not, this issue will be hard to handle and affect the way of thinking in our younger generations as well. With proper guidance and fair restrictions, I think the country could achieve both sides in being lenient and protecting the society as well.