Should You Rent a Car or Go By Train When Traveling Through Europe?


One of the big benefits of Europe if you’re a traveler is the simple fact that there are so many different countries, cultures and sceneries all situated so close to one another (and that the EU makes it so easy to travel between them). This then means it’s possible to visit multiple countries in the continent in a single go rather than having to confine yourself to just one. Book a train or rent a car, plot your course through the countries you’re most interested in and set off on your way for an amazing adventure.

                Therein though lies the question – do you go by train or do you rent a car? Each option has a lot of advantages and disadvantages and will appeal to different kinds of traveller. Here we will look at both to help you make up your mind.

Why You Should Go By Car

                Road trip!! Going on any travelling holiday in a car has an instant appeal because it gives you privacy and freedom meaning that you can do whatever you like without being restricted or having to consider the feelings of others. On the train you’ll have to sit quietly looking forward, but when you’re in the car you can put on music and have a sing-along and the passengers can enjoy drinking beers.

                Another benefit of going by car is that it allows you to be impulsive and to really see whichever parts of Europe take your fancy. You’ll be able to see everything as you travel and this will enable you to just pull over at any point to explore. If you should happen to pass a nice spot in a field for instance, then you can get out and have a completely impromptu picnic.

                Also great is just how convenient having a car is in terms of eating and transporting luggage. If you travel by car for instance then you’ll be able to bring as much luggage as you want with you because you won’t have to carry it any point. You can stop off at a super market to stock up on food and eat while you’re moving and if you can’t find a place to stay you can even go to sleep in the car (not a first choice, but certainly a good backup).

                Finally, driving a car is fun and this in itself will give you a more authentic experience of the countries you’re visiting and make you more a part of the scenery.

Why You Should Go By Train

                While there are many benefits to going by car, it’s not for everyone and the train has a lot of perks too. The first perk of the train is of course that no one has to drive and this is particularly useful if no one in your party can drive. Even if you do have the ability to drive though, going by train means that no one has to miss out on drinking because they’re driving the next day and it means you won’t have any fallings out because one person is being a back-seat driver.

                A car can also be a burden in other ways – it means that you have to find somewhere to park whenever you stop and it means you can risk being broken into. This can cost money and waste time and in some ways it leaves you more restricted than you were before. Driving of course is also somewhat more dangerous itself – particularly as you might well be on the ‘wrong’ side of the road much of the time.

                When you travel by train this is also much quicker, which is a big factor you mustn’t forget. This in short means that you will get to see more places more quickly than you would in a car which might make your journey more rewarding as a result (particularly true as well if you are prone to getting lost occasionally – a train will drop you right off in the city centre). If you want to see more of Europe, perhaps consider going by train.


                There are many benefits to both train and car travel through Europe then, meaning that it will ultimately come down to your individual preference as well as the kind of trip you have planned. If you want to travel through lots of Europe quickly then going by train might be a better idea, while if you value a party atmosphere and bonding between friends more and are only visiting a smaller area then a road trip might be better.

                Another thing to consider though of course is the price. If you find the right deal you can actually travel through most of Europe relatively cheaply and there are few other costs to consider. At the same time though a car can be split between multiple people as can petrol – though note that fuel will be more expensive than in the US. If you can’t make up your mind, hunt for deals, check out Google maps and decide which is the most cost effective.