Some European Foods to Try


Europe is a continent with a wealth of different languages, cultures, music, scenery and religions and this is what makes it such a fascinating place to explore. However, even more exciting for some is the vast range of cuisines and there are many delicious European foods that everyone should try at least once. Here we will list some of the most interesting, famous and tasty European foods.

Frogs Legs: This has to be one of the most infamous European foods and is almost synonymous with French cuisine. Anyone who has tried it will tell you it tastes almost exactly like chicken.

Muscles: Another of the most well known European foods is from France. Muscles have a distinct salty flavor owing to their marine origins and they’re also highly good for you.

Snails: As we’re listing European foods from France, then it would be unfair not to mention snails which again get a lot of attention for not being your run of the mill source of protein. Very tasty though.

Calamari: If you’re looking for European foods that can put off the squeamish then look no further than Greek Calamari which is squid in batter. Despite sounding a little exotic it’s actually very nice and found in many restaurants particularly as a starter.

Teewurst: Teewurst is a German sausage that you spread on bread or toast and which is a great alternative to pastes.

Pizza: Of course everyone has tried pizza by now, which is just as well because this Italian meal is one of the tastiest and most versatile.

Cabanossi: However if you’re looking for sausages as European foods then you should look no further than the delicious cabanossi – which is a fantastic, large and meaty treat with a taste similar to mild salami.

Moussaka: There are many famous European pasta dishes, but moussaka is one of the most underrated. Essentially this is a dish very similar to lasagne (another of the top European foods), but with aubergine and potato.

Baklava: This Turkish sweet looks more like a savory pastry, but is in fact a sweet and satisfying desert made from pistachio or walnut.

Muschi Poiana: Muschi Poiana is a stew enjoyed in Romania which consists of mushroom and bacon stuffed beef in vegetables and tomato sauce – which is perfect for any meat lovers.

Pierrogi: Delicious European foods from Poland (and originally Russia), these consist of dough filled with potatoes, cheese, onions, cabbage, meat and mushrooms. Often served hot.

European Food - Pierogi