Map of Spain

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Spain (by population)

1. Madrid
2. Barcelona
3. Valencia
4. Sevilla
5. Zaragoza
6. Malaga
7. Murcia
8. Las Palmas Gran Canaria
9. Palama
10. Bilbao


Spain Known For:

Bull Fights
Festivals of Tomatoes
Flamenco Music 
Tourism Destination


Top 10 Facts About Spain

1. Spain is among the top three most popular countries for tourists
2. Spanish language is actually the second most spoken in the world!
3. There is not just one type of Spanish however but two – European and Latin American
4. Spanish people have two surnames as they inherit both their Father’s and their Mothers
5. Spain’s name comes from the word ‘Ispania’ which actually translates as ‘land of rabbits’. Not what you thought right?
6. Spain is well ahead on gay rights and same-sex marriage is already legal over there
7. 44% of worlds olive oil comes from Spain
8. Spain doesn’t have a tooth fairy, instead they have a tooth mouse who goes by the name of ‘Ratoncito Perez’
9. There are over 8,000KM of beaches in Spain – which might explain all the tourists over there
10. Among the most famous Spanish-born figures are Joan Miro, Picasso and Salvador Dali