Map of Sweden

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Sweden( by population)

1. Stockholm
2. Goteborg
3. Malmo
4. Uppsala
5. Kista
6. Vasteras
7. Orebro
8. Linkoping
9. Helsingborg
10. Jonkoping


Sweden Known For:



Top 10 Facts About Sweden

1. Sweden has two other more poetic names – ‘The Land of the Vikings’ and ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun’
2. Swedes enjoy the longest average lifespans anywhere in Europe with an expectancy of 80.5 years
3. In summer the sun rises at 3.30am in Sweden, and in winter it sets at 3.30pm. A nice bit of symetry…
4. The well known furniture store IKEA (loved by women, feared by men) and the clothes store H&M are both Swedish
5. The Nobel Prize is actually handed out in Sweden and Norway – once a year at a large ceremony on December 10th
6. Which makes sense because the prize was founded by Alfred Nobel who was, you guessed it, also from Sweden (and the inventor of dynamite!)
7. Sweden is also considered the second most technologically advanced European country
8. In keeping with this theme of scientific advancement, Sweden is unique for allowing its residents to pay their taxes by SMS since 2004!
9. The most popular dishes in Sweden tend to be made from various combinations of potatoes, meatballs and lingonberry sauce
10. Sweden was one of the few countries to stay neutral during both World Wars