Technology And Online Shopping In Europe

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In 2020, technology has brought us to a new era in which we tend to buy goods online instead of physical stores. Now, everyone will be reliant on technology and it also brings more benefits to us in many ways such as for communication and information.

For example, if we compare our era and the old one it is such a big difference. The old generation usually when they want to communicate with their friends or family that is far away from them it took hours even more days to speak with them because it is such a long way to go to one place and another place just to deliver information.

online grocery malaysia

Other than that, information is also much easier to get nowadays compared to the old days because usually when the old generation needs information they need to go to a library or find someone but nowadays you can just use your gadget and search it on the internet to get any information that you want. For example, if you want to get information about any health disease, you need to find a doctor that knows about that but nowadays you can just type it on your phone to find more detailed information about the disease. 

Online shopping in Europe has become very common amongst the people who live there. Especially with the on going pandemic many people prefer to get their essentials without having to leave their homes. There is a study that states in average at least one out of four people shop online each week in Europe. Out of all the European countries, UK holds the highest percentage of online shoppers. The most popular E-comm shops in Europe include Shopify, Prestashop and Opencart.

Why Shop Online?

Technology makes shopping easier, because we can just use our phone or any gadget to shop online. Many other countries have also started shopping online for groceries, for example online grocery Malaysia and online grocery in India. In Malaysia, the online shop started to be a part of Malaysia in 1998 and the first e-commerce is Lelong Incorporation. You just need to order it and wait for the grocery to deliver to your place. Many supermarkets offer free shipping so worry less about the additional price for delivery. You also can avoid buying things that you do not need.

Other than that, you do not need to face the crowd and wait for so long to pay because the queue is so long. You no need to pay for parking and being stressed also pressure anymore because you have limited time to some goods. There are various products that you can choose when you shop online so you can choose either you want the quality one or the cheapest one or the nice one, it is up to you.

online grocery malaysia

Buy things online also is a good thing for people who are introvert because sometimes when you go shopping at the physical store the worker or promoter usually follows at the back and that can make you feel uneasy plus there are many things that got demand in the online market such as electronic things, fashion, personal care products, beauty products, and sports equipment.

The online shop also offers many types of payment that you can choose such as debit or credit card, online banking, e-wallet, MOLPay, PaymentExpress, and many more. When you do online shopping you also help the economy to grow especially when you choose to buy something from a beginner seller. Besides, online shopping also has some cons that still need to be fixed such as delay in delivery, cannot bargain, and fraud so you must be careful when you want to buy things online.

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There are some tips if you want to buy online which is shop at a familiar website, look for a site that has SSL. You also can check your bank statement regularly and if there are any suspicious transitions that you don’t know you need to directly call your bank and report that. A strong password is a good prevention for you to avoid your account getting hacked. 

In other words, technology really helps us in our daily life so we must be grateful because there are brilliant people who develop technology that can improve the way we live and make everything more accessible and it as well can enhance our creativity. If we look back 10 to 15 years ago, many people felt insecure making online payment because they think they expose to the public their personal information especially their account bank and credit card details but now it is like a new norm people buy goods from the online stores but also be careful when you do any transaction and avoid being scammed.