The Must-Have Items To Create Scandinavian Houses

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In a world of fast-paced technology and instant knowledge, we tend to find our way back to relax and go for simplistic things; which is home. After one hectic day at work, home can be a lovely comfort to rush back for. Home for others can be whoever a person is but for some, it is their personal and physical space. Our houses should always reflect our own personality. Nowadays, people are taking interest in creating Scandinavian designs which incorporate minimalistic design and simple but bold colors. As there is more demand for such designs, here are the things you should have in order to have your house looking Scandinavian. 

A lot of Natural Lighting

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Scandinavian houses are infamous for their wide high ceiling windows that allow as much natural light to grace the surrounding as possible. Not to mention, with the presence of the roof-to-floor windows, inhabitants of the house may enjoy vitamin D easily without having to go outside. Before installing the magnificent windows, however, people are advised to carefully check the direction of the sun rising and setting so that we would have misplaced the windows. Scandinavian countries are known to have shorter daytime in winter, therefore, the consolidation of sunlight on their daily basis is to really enjoy the rays. 

Cans of White Paint

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Another tip on transforming your house into Scandinavian style is to paint it all white in colour. As this design adopts very simplistic and sophisticated design, the colour palettes are also limited. The walls of many Scandinavian homes are usually white and sometimes beige in colour. The use of such bright colours further help in illustrating cleaner space and wider room of the house. 

Modern-looking Furnitures

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Up to this point, your house transformation might look bare and somehow, blander than before. This is because there is no necessary decoration that has been added yet to this list. A home is more complete when there is a space to lounge during free time and space to get your whole family or friends to gather together. The furniture and other decoration parts of the house correlated very closely to the whole colour of the house. Choosing the right colour and a suitable design are best in producing a Scandinavian feel at home. For furniture, what we should look and focus on is the colour and the sleek design of it. If the walls are in white, which most Scandinavian homes are, the furniture colour should assimilate with the colour grey, black, dark blue or even darker colours. A very cool, contemporary and modern furniture design would look the best in these colours. Some would definitely think the house might still be a bit empty and boring, then you can add more geometrical clothing racks. If you are looking for more eco-friendly products to be put in the house, wooden furniture, shoe rack and other accessories that incorporate woods are amazing too. 

Cornered Fireplace

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Scandinavian countries are known for their low-heat temperature, especially during winter. They always need a good amount of heat to accommodate them in their everyday lives. Due to every corner of a Scandinavian-style home being almost the highlight, fireplaces are commonly put in the corner of a room to give off an elegant simplicity feel rather than putting it on the grand focus in the middle of the room. When talking about the changing seasons, we should never forget to repair the house exterior according to the climate. Scandis often use a different kind of gutter that is suitable for cold climates. However, if you’re in Malaysia where the usual climate is warm and you want to have a Scandinavian home, your roof guttering system must be a suitable design. The designs and services for roof drain pipes that you can find best are at rain gutter Malaysia. While also trying to achieve the best look for your home interior, what goes outside of the house should be transformed too. 

Colourful Art Pieces

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And this is the part where colours come into life in your Scandinavian-themed abode. Looking back on the tips above, most insist on black, grey, white and beige. Now, with your wall decorations and art pieces, more bold colours are suggested to fill in the clean walls. A mixture of styles from different eras and periods is also a good point for a more Scandinavian portrayal. Despite this concept existing ever since the 1920s, it is being practised and put to use until now. A splash of colour in the middle of a monochromatic space is such an elegant style. 


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For most Scandinavian homes, wood flooring is often incorporated into the design. This gives off a warm feeling due to the colour tone and material. In most cold climate countries, the wood flooring helps in radiating heat from the underneath electric heater. Not only does it contribute to such a minimalistic interior but it also warms people. 

Our house does not have to be tied to a certain theme. However, if you favour this kind of style, it is always good to put the best effort into decorating and transforming it into an amazing Scandinavian home. For more articles on European-styled houses, read here.