The Tallest Building All Across Europe and The History

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Skyscrapers have never failed to amaze us with their tall design and beautiful structure. In order for the buildings to become sturdy and strong, the materials such as fasteners, concrete and so on must be high in quality. For the fasteners, scrooz fasteners are the best ones you can get at an affordable price. Today, we are going to look into the tallest buildings in Europe. These buildings are mostly built for reasons and you would be learning the history behind their construction as well. So, let’s not waste more time and start digging up the past.

Why Do We Build Tall Buildings and Skyscrapers 

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The reasons why we see skyscrapers and tall buildings every inch of the metropolis are various. The main reason is to lessen the density of low-rise buildings. The world we live in is getting packed with a number of people growing up and being born, making the inland occupied. Tall buildings are built due to several reasons and this is not the sole reason. There are countless reasons why that would not fit to be exemplified in this post. The other logic and crucial reasons are making the city or country well-known. Let’s take an example from this country. The city of Kuala Lumpur is popular because of the Petronas Twin Tower and the Kuala Lumpur Tower or KL Tower. They are the landmarks of the city and the country. This is one of the logical reasons. Apart from that, it is to add up to the scenery of the city itself. As the name is a city or metropolis, of course, people would expect to see myriad buildings across the city. The view especially at night can be very breathtaking and mesmerising and contributes to the country’s attraction for tourists. 

Tall Buildings Across Europe 

The number of buildings in Europe is approximately 131 million. That is the amount of all buildings in Europe, but if we are talking about well-known buildings, most of them are dominated by Russia. Russia owns more than 300 buildings with a height of over 100 metres, making it a European country with the most skyscrapers. If you look at the list of the tallest buildings in Europe, you can see that Russia is conquering the list. But, no worries, other buildings from a number of countries are included too and we would be looking at them now. 

Lakhta Center

As mentioned before, the list of the tallest buildings in the world is dominated by Russia and this building with a height of 462 meters is located in Saint Petersburgh, Russia. To be exact, it is in the northwestern neighbourhood of Lakhta, hence the name. The construction began in 2013 when the permit was obtained for the first stage in 2012. The early stage of construction included both skyscrapers and stylobate. The building consists of 87 floors of which are above ground and three below ground. It remains the tallest building in Europe although there have been numerous buildings built; none of them is able to surpass Lakhta Center’s height. 


The next building is Varso, located in Warsaw, Poland. This building is actually a neomodern office building complex and is currently under construction. There is a chance that the height might increase since it is still being built. With a height of 310 meters, Varso Place is currently the tallest building you can spot in Poland and the sixth-tallest building in Europe. The construction started in 2016 and is still ongoing and is predicted to be done by the end of this year. It currently has 53 floors, it might not seem a lot but the design is what makes it looks sleek, elegant and tall. 

The Shard

The Shard, located in London, United Kingdom is a 72-floor skyscraper which was designed by an Italian architect named Renzo Piano. The exact location is in Southwark, London. The other names for this building are Shard London Bridge, London Bridge Tower and Shard of Glass. This building currently holds the position as the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the seventh tallest building after Varso in Poland. The construction started in March 2009 and was completed in July 2012. In February the next year, it was opened and inaugurated to the public. It has 95 floors and the actual height is 309.6 meters. The Shard was designed by Renzo Piano as a spire-like sculpture erupting from the River Thames. He was influenced by the nearby railway lines, the London spires painted by the 18th-century Venetian painter Canaletto, and sailing ship masts.

Skyland Istanbul

Now we are going to explore the one in a unique country which lies on two continents: Europe and Asia. It is in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. Skyland Istanbul was designed by Broadway Malyan’s Peter Vaughan. Skyland Istanbul is actually a diverse-use complex of three skyscrapers. There are Skyland Istanbul: Tower 1 and Skyland Istanbul: Tower 2. The exact location of this building is in the Huzur neighbourhood which is located in the Sarıyer district. The three skyscrapers are Skyland Hotel Tower with a height of 180 meters and 28 floors, Skyland Office Tower with a height of 284 meters and 64 floors and Skyland Residence Tower with a height of 284 meters and 65 floors. The project began in 2012 and was opened to the public in 2019. 

Commerzbank Tower

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We are going to Germany with Commerzbank Tower as one of the attractions. This 56-storey skyscraper is owned by a prestigious company that everyone has heard of, Samsung of Korea. It is 259 meters overall and used to hold the record as the tallest building in Europe from 1997 until 2003. This tower is located in Frankfurt and currently holds the position as the highest building in both Frankfurt and the country, Germany. 

Skyscrapers As An Attraction

It is undeniable that skyscrapers are an inducement for tourists to visit a country. The city of love, Paris itself owns the beautiful Eiffel Tower which contributes to the country’s economy. Although we are living in the concrete jungle and are expected to see more buildings and skyscrapers, we still need to understand the pros and cons of these advancements. However, we are certain that we would be utilising these modern technologies and facilities wholeheartedly.