The Top 10 Cruise Destinations in Europe


If you want to see a chunk of Europe while cutting out all the walking, traffic jams and waiting around, then European cruises might be just the ticket for you. The brilliance of cruises in Europe is that you can see any number of the big sights and taste a whole variety of cultures in a single holiday. You’ll turn up at incredible places like Rome or Barcelona, and the rest of the time you’ll just be able to lie around on a beautiful cruise ship enjoying great food, great entertainment and no doubt a wealth of activities.

In fact, this is the perfect holiday for many people in that it combines the relaxing in the sun that you might expect from a pool holiday, with the sightseeing and variety that you could want from a more adventurous trek.

But with so many European cruises to choose from, how do you go about picking the best one for you? Here we will look at some of the best European ports, to help you create your cruises in Europe.

10. Rome

Rome is a fantastic destination for countless reasons. If it’s history you love then you won’t be disappointed thanks to the Coliseum, Vatican City, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps and much more. If it’s food you’re after then you’ll find some delicious Italian meals of course whether you fancy Bolognese or lasagne. And if it’s shopping, nightlife or great weather you want then you’ll be pleased on all fronts too.

In short then Rome is a brilliant place to stop off, and what makes it even better is the fact that there is so much amazing architecture that you’ll almost be guaranteed to stumble across something photo-worthy on any exploration. The only downside? You may want to spend a bit longer here than European cruises will tend to afford you.

9. Paris

Paris is the most romantic city in the world so they say, but also a great place for fine dining, for wine and for historical views. There’s plenty to do here, from visiting the Louvre to seeing the Arc de Triumph, but if you’ve only got a few hours then sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower with a picnic is perhaps one of the best ways to spend that time.

8. Bruges

Belgium is a brilliant place to go if you are a fan of food and drink. Whether lager is your weakness, or chips or chocolate – nowhere does it better. And you’ll also find some canals here that take you off the beaten track and around some of the area’s hidden beauties.

7. Barcelona

Barcelona is another stop off that has it all, from delicious food to an amazing hubbub and nightlife. It’s highly romantic and a great place to get some tapas or wonder at the view.

6. London

You may not think of London as a cruise destination, but thanks to the Thames it’s more than possible to enjoy the city via boat. And if you can, then you most certainly should as there’s just a ton of things to see here from Westminster to the London Eye. But the best of London is that which is hidden away most of the time and known only to the locals who have lived there for years. Secret spots and venues like the ‘one room hotel’ (A Room for London) and the pitch dark restaurant (Dans Le Noir). Rather than rushing around trying to see all the sights if you don’t have long here, instead just take a walk down Southbank and see what you can find.

5. Venice

From a huge cruise ship to the vaporreto – the ‘water bus’ that will take you to wherever you want to go. Be sure to stop off at the island of Guidecca for a less touristy experience. Whatever you do though, just saying that you’ve been to Venice is a great accolade and this way you can miss the queues.

4. The Fjords

If you want to try a cruise to somewhere a little more off-the-beaten track, then the Fjords in Norway should do the trick. Trek and hike through steep mountains and check out the beautiful snowy mountains. Great if you want a little skiing too.

3. Zadar

Zadar in Croatia is a beautiful historic town that is once again a little less well known. Nevertheless it offers everything you could want, from hip bars to stunning architecture and ruins. Highlights include the light show and ‘sea organ’ that provide a great attraction for tourists on a nightly basis, and the nearby Krka National Park and it’s beautiful waterfalls that can be reached by bus if you have time.

2. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is well known for being a great stag night and a place to find hookers, but it’s actually much more than that offering a beautiful and very modern city with plenty more to see and do. Expect great food and drink, clean streets and stunning views. One of the best European cruises to say you’ve done.

1. York

York is a small city in England, but is a long way removed from London. Unlike the big smoke, this European cruise destination feels as though it’s come straight from a Discworld Novel with tiny cobbled streets with names like ‘The Shambles’. It also has a castle to see and the historic city walls and is generally one of the most attractive and quaint towns in England.