The Top Europe Forums


If you love Europe as much as we do, then you should definitely seek out some of the excellent European forums out there. This is a brilliant way to make friends from all around the world, to learn about other cultures and expand your mind, and to talk about the places you’re so fascinated with. Whether you just want some advice for your next holiday, whether you’re intrigued by the differences over in Europe and want to learn more, or whether you’re interested by the politics surrounding the EU, there’s a ton to discuss in European forums.

Of course there’s a Europe forum right here on this site, and if you’ve been there then you’ll know it’s a great place for lively debate and chat and filled with some great people. Still though, the forum isn’t quite large enough and is still a little too new to be number one. We hope you’ll stick around and help us to make the forum into the bustling mammoth it could be, and then you can say that you were there during the early days.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to other European forums on the web of course! Meanwhile then, read on to find out the top Europe forums and sate that appetite for European discussion!


Fodor’s is a great travel site with a lot of useful tips, and it also has a great forum dedicated to Europe over at While this is an active forum with lots of new topics posted, it lacks the kind of organisation it could really benefit from, and doesn’t have the most attractive UI. Still, if you’re heading to Europe this is a great place to get some tips.


Tripadvisor has its own Europe forum. Again it’s a bit ugly (the folder icons look like they were made in the early days of the web), which is surprising given the popularity and size of the site; but nevertheless this is one of the most active Europe forums out there and a great place to look for information on your holiday or trip.


The forum over at Eupedia is one of the biggest and most active out there and you’ll find that there’s always something new posted o the site however frequently you visit. It’s also conveniently organised into a number of sections so that you can find sub categories dealing exclusively with life in particular countries, with European news or with history and culture. The forum is a little eclectic though, being combined with forums from some other related sites. Visit the main page in other words and you’ll be presented with categories for genealogy, psychology and medicine as well as what you actually came to see.


It’s not the most original name for a forum about Europe, which is odd because the content is actually a little unusual… (though to be fair the full name is ‘Moose’s Europe Forum’). The discussion here isn’t really centered so much around Europe as it is around literature (from Europe… mostly), general discussion, travel and… Star Trek. Some of these forums aren’t so active (the Star Trek forum hasn’t been added to for nearly a year), but there is a fairly active community in the main sections. Something a little different certainly!

Other Online Europe Communities

As you can see, while there are some popular places online for discussing Europe, there is actually something of a niche for a modern looking Europe forum with an active community and clear organisation. That’s why we need you to get behind our own EuropeWord forum and get it really singing.

That said, there are other ways to find European discussion and communities. For instance, why not head over to the Europe Sub-Reddit where you can read the latest articles pertaining to Europe and also engage in the lively discussion that tends to follow? Alternatively, there are plenty of great Europe Facebook groups you can join if you want to chat about your favorite continent, once again ours being a strong a candidate. Other social networks can also offer you some Europe-centric chat, from Google Plus to LinkedIn. Europe is a huge continent with many fans and there’s almost always a group to join on any big network.

Or, if you have a specific question, why not try asking through a site like Yahoo Answers? Or perhaps more fittingly the forum over at Virtual Tourist that takes a similar approach but is geared more towards travel specifically.

The web is a huge community, so whatever it is you want to talk about, you should be able to find an audience and some sparring partners. And if you can’t? Maybe it’s time to make your own hub!