Tips For Traveling in Europe with a Baby

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While travelling with a newborn necessitates additional planning, this does not imply that it will be difficult or unpleasant. In fact, the opposite is true. Travelling with infants is much easier than travelling with toddlers. Things are a lot easier when the baby isn’t walking yet since you don’t have to chase them around. 

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Baby health insurance

Because babies get sick frequently, you should consider purchasing liability coverage, even if you haven’t done so previously. Although you should always obtain health insurance when travelling without your family, it is especially important when travelling with children. The great news is that you can typically just add your kid to your existing policy at no additional cost.

Seatbelts for babies on the plane

Seatbelts are the most significant difference between American and European flights. When your baby flies on your laps in the United States, you simply hold him. In Europe, a baby seatbelt will be provided as an extender to your own belt.

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How old should a baby fly?

There is no formal age when your infant can fly, according to experts. However, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) advises against flying neonates too soon after birth because air travel might raise a baby’s chance of contracting an infectious disease.

Changes in cabin pressure can make it difficult for preemies, individuals with chronic heart or lung difficulties, or even those who already have a respiratory disease to breathe.

If you need to fly soon after giving birth, check with your airline to see if there are any age limits for babies. Some airlines would not take passengers under the age of one week, while others will admit passengers as early as two days old.

Even once you’ve passed that delicate early stage, the EASA advises consulting your baby’s paediatrician before travelling. The doctor may recommend giving your kid an earlier or extra dose from a certain inoculation, such as the influenza vaccine if travelling around flu season or the MMR injection if travelling to a measles epidemic area, based on when and where you’re travelling.

1. Save a spot

Purchase an airline seat for your infant if you can afford it. (Children may be eligible for airline discounts.) It’s safer and frequently easier on you because you can carry her car seat and strap it in instead of managing a wriggly worm on your lap for the entire flight because you’ll have a safe, familiar place to store baby. Just be sure your child restraint system (CRS) is certified for flight use. If your child is under 20 pounds, she should ride in a rear-facing CRS; if she is between 20 and 40 pounds, she must ride in a forward-facing CRS.

2. Prepare breast milk or juice

All are free from the TSA‘s 3-1-1 rule, which limits baggage liquids to 3.4 oz, so you may bring as much as you need without worrying about putting it into a quart-sized plastic bag. (You can also use tinned or prepared baby food.) They’ll need to be checked separately, so keep them in a storage container that you can easily remove from your baggage bag when you reach the security line. According to the AAP, liquids are safe to pass through an X-ray machine. However, if you like, you can have the liquids visually inspected.

3. Avoid boarding boredom

Even if you’re flying with a baby, you should reconsider pre-boarding. True, you won’t have to carry your kid behind a long line of passengers, but you’ll have to occupy your child from your seat as the rest of the passengers board (on top of the rest of the time you travel with an infant). The ideal option is to send your companion (or a family member or friend) forward with your luggage while you and your baby roam through the wide-open terminal.

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4. Pack for playtime

Bring a few beloved toys and books, as well as a few new ones, to keep your baby entertained while you’re flying.

5. Fill food up

Remember to bring snacks (or a complete dinner, based on how long you’ll be in the air) and more than enough water – airline journeys dehydrate you. Small jars of baby food and formula (if you’re bottle-feeding) are permitted onboard.

6. Ease her ear pressure

Feedings should be planned for flight and landing. Your infant will have the highest ear pressure at this time, and swallowing can help relieve some of it.

7. Ask for help

Airways are used to accommodate young families, so you’re not alone in flying with an infant. If your child refuses to drink from a chilly bottle, it’s totally reasonable to ask a flight attendant to warm one for you. To avoid scalding your infant, conduct the same bottle heat test you’d do at home when you get it back.

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8. Tie the knot

It’s a good idea to tether goods like her binky to something safe, just like when you’re driving with your kid because it’s considerably harder to crouch down and retrieve lost items from the little area between your seat and your neighbour’s on a plane. (Plus, it’s most likely filthy down there.) Another pacifier travelling tip: bring plenty of extras if your kid uses one.

9. Pack safely

Make sure that anything that should be out of reach for the baby is out of reach for the baby, such as enticing-but-dangerous pills and other toiletries that you must keep individually in paper bags for security reasons. Make sure those bags (and any other pill containers, such as the daily variety) are securely attached and zipped closed in your carry-on so your child cannot access them. Keep loose medicines in their original child-resistant bottles rather than in baggies.

10. Think outside of the box or baby bag

Make an air ill doll, play burp-cloth peekaboo, count all the fur babies in the SkyMall catalogue, or try these simple vacation games with what you have.

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Babies and flying can be a dangerous mix. The odds of the aviation world are in your favour if you begin planning and expect the unexpected. Besides, if you forget to bring something for your newborn baby when travelling, but you are emergency to use, you can buy newborn baby products Malaysia.