Top 10 Restaurants in Europe


Europe has one of the finest eating places in the world that offers the best cuisines in the world. If you happen to visit England, you can’t do without visiting The Fat Duck Restaurant. It is the topmost restaurant in Europe. It has been listed as the second best restaurant in the world. The restaurant has been designed in a modest manner manifesting a conventional cottage look. The Fat Duck Restaurant, originally started as a French restaurant, was established by Chef Heston Blumenthal in Berkshire. This place has the rapture of true culinary seduction.

The Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant, Paris definitely holds the second position. It is undoubtedly the best restaurant in France. Chef Pierre Gagnaire experiments with French flavors efficiently and adds exclusivity to each recipe offered. The third best restaurant in Europe is The Noma, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Noma is popular all over the world for their Martini Bars and Asian delight mixed with native touch. Fourth is the Gambero Rosso, located in San Vincenzo, Italy. They make the best meat dishes to flatter your palate. Holding the fifth position is the Le Louis XV Restaurant, located in Monaco, Paris. You will not get to experience the Le Louis fish delight anywhere else in the world. They make outstanding rock fish in indigenous flavors.

To complete your Switzerland tour, we have two of the world famous restaurants The L’Hotel de Ville, located in Crissier and the Brasserie Lipp, sited in the heart of Zurich. The L’Hotel, Europe’s sixth best restaurant, provides sophisticated presentation and premium quality food. The Brasserie Lipp, Europe’s seventh best restaurant, was originated in Paris. They make the best garlic dishes in the world. Their garlic butter chicken and the garlic tomato sauce are some of their most loved dishes.

Not forgetting about the Hof van Cleve, located in Belgium, the eighth best restaurant in Europe, gives an indigenous look, with cheese and bacon extravagance. Situated on the countryside, they present a beautiful ambience, surprisingly rustic. The Netherlands is not far in offering palatial delight, The Oud Sluis, located in Sluis, Netherlands is the ninth best eating place in Europe. You can enjoy your drive to the restaurant as it is out in the country. They offer a wide range of fruit recipes. Their Oyster recipes are outstanding .The Cracco peck, located in Milan, the Fashion Capital of Italy, is the tenth best eating place in Europe. Their best offerings include the take on saffron risotto and breaded veal cutlet and steam cooked tiramisu. If you are planning for a vacation, a Europe tour is the best way to give yourself a culinary treat with all these remarkable places.

1. The Fat Duck Restaurant (England)
2. The Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant (Paris)
3. The Noma Restaurant (Denmark)
4. Gambero Rosso Restaurant (San Vincenzo, Italy)
5. Le Louis XV Restaurant (Monaco, Paris)
6. L’Hotel de Ville (Zurich)
7. The Brasserie Lipp (Paris)
8. Hof van Cleve (Belgium)
9. The Oud Sluis Restaurant (Netherlands)
10. The Cracco Peck Restaurant (Milan)