Top European Radio Stations


Video may have killed the radio star, but that’s not to say there aren’t tons of great radio stations still out there and for someone looking to pass the time without straining their eyes this is still a great way to unwind and hear the news/your favourite tune.

At the same time, thanks to the web, it’s now possible to hear practically any radio station wherever you are by streaming it live, which means that you can enjoy a little trip to anywhere in the world without leaving your seat. For fans of Europe there are plenty of European radio stations out there to try out whether you want to practice your language (just listening to background chatter in a language you’re learning is a great way to improve) or just be reminded of your last holiday and enjoy some music from another culture. Here are a few good ones to try out


Radio 1 (young contemporary), Radio 2 (for older audiences with news, features and programs), Classic Gold (classic rock/pop), Classic FM (classical music).


Absolut Relax (great for relaxation and chilout), Volksmusik (great for just German music) or Schlager (quite old fashioned).


Avorig FM (the sound of Breton), Beur FM (a good mix of music and culture), France Inter (lots of talk – news and interesting features).


Radio 3 (a great station for young listeners), Andalucia Informacion (news, information and sport), Canal Fiesta Radio (contemporary pop).


RAI Radio 1 (the most popular station in Italy with news, talk and sport), RTL (not to be confused with the German television channel, a hit music station), Radio Italia (great for live concerts).

This is just a brief selection of the top European radio stations, of course there are many others that are well worth a listen and the one you enjoy most will depend on your tastes. Don’t just stick with local radio, get online and track some of these down!