Top In-Demand Jobs in Europe For Content And Marketing Professionals


    Looking to build a career in digital marketing? If you don’t already know, digital marketing is very wide, from social media marketing to content marketing, all of this falls under this industry. In this era where everything is digitalised, the career possibilities are endless. If content marketing is something that you are hoping to build your career with, here are the best jobs that are in high demand in Europe. 

    UX Designer

    User Experience (UX) designers are basically in charge of making sure designs are made based on human behaviour. UX designers would have knowledge of both technology and design. The websites, apps, products should be designed based on the recommendations and suggestions of UX Designers in order to persuade customers or users to purchase or perform a certain action. Before the products or website are released to customers, UX Designers have to ensure that their journey will be as smooth as possible for the users as they go through the website or product. 

    Content Strategist 

    A content strategist would be responsible to ensure the content developed are aligned with the goals and objectives of the company. They should be able to have a strong grasp and understanding of SEO as well as good written communication skills. Content churned out by the company should be effective and reach the right target audience. Hence, a content strategist will plan out what kind of content should be put out and to maintain a strong online presence. Aside from that, they are also in charge of making sure there is traffic coming into the website or social media, with a high emphasis on SEO content. 

    Digital Marketing Manager

    When it comes to digital marketing, a digital marketing manager is one of the most important roles. They oversee the entire online marketing strategy of the company and are in charge of leading a team of creatives to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. Some of the common tasks include project management, social media management, analyzing traffic and data, and many more. They are also the middleman among different departments in order to ensure a smooth workflow between each department. Digital marketing managers are the heart of a company’s digital marketing strategy. 

    SEO Manager

    Similar to a digital marketing manager, an SEO manager takes care of a company’s organic traffic coming from search engines. SEO managers ensure the website is following the best SEO practices and making sure they are ranking for the necessary keywords to gain organic traffic. The most important thing is to ensure the traffic will eventually turn into leads and sales. Hence, it is important to strategize the SEO of the website well. An SEO manager also ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest changes and trends of the search engine algorithms. SEO managers also deal with other departments to ensure a smooth overall workflow and the work being done by the creatives are aligned with the relevant SEO strategies. 

    Social Media Assistant

    Social media is crucial to most businesses out there. Hence, this job is very high in-demand. Social Media assistants will be in charge of handling a company’s social media accounts. They assist in helping to plan out the social media strategies in order to reach a wider audience. Aside from that, they need to possess the proper skills such as copywriting or creative knowledge in order to generate content that engages their target audience. A Social Media assistant will also stay up-to-date with the latest trends and are in charge of growing the company’s social media following. 

    Graphic Designer

    Every business needs to have a graphic designer to create aesthetically pleasing graphics and visuals that showcase the branding of the company. From designing logos to email templates, graphic designers will oversee the design aspects of a particular project. Graphic designers need to have good communication skills as well in order to liaise with clients or the head of the marketing team in the company. Even though there are ready-made templates that can be easily downloaded from the WordPress Vault or other theme marketplaces, a graphic designer still would need to help with certain parts of the website design.

    Email Marketing Specialist 

    An email marketing specialist will be in charge of creating and sending out emails to persuade customers or users to perform a certain action. There is actually a skill when it comes to writing emails that only an email marketing specialist would know. Certain words are suitable for an email to be sent out to all customers, and there are some which should not be written in emails.