Map of Turkey

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Turkey ( by population)

1. Istanbul
2. Ankara
3. Bursa
4. Adana
5. Gaziantep
6. Konya
7. Antalya
8. Antalya
9. Eskisehir
10. Diyarbakir


Turkey Known For:

Trojan Horse
Turkish Coffee


Top 10 Facts About Turkey

1. Despite associations it may have, you won’t find any camels in Turkey
2. Turkey’s largest city (Istanbul) crosses two continents!
3. And previously known as Constantinople, it has previously been the capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires
4. If you like hazelnuts then you should be grateful to Turkey – where 70% of them are grown!
5. The same goes for coffee lovers – the Turkish are responsible for first introducing Europe to Coffee
6. There are around 9,000 species of flower in Turkey, 3,000 of them native
7. And while the Dutch Tulip is called ‘Dutch’, it actually comes from Turkey too
8. The Turkish town of Truva is where the historical Trojan Wars took place
9. It was when he defeated the Pontus of Turkey that Caesar famously said ‘Veni, vidd, vici’, or ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ as it is better known today
10. Turkey could be proud for having two out of Seven Wonders of the ancient world: Ephesus and Halicarnasus.