United Kingdom

Map of United Kingdom

Top 10 Biggest Cities in United Kingdom

1. London
2. Birmington
3. Glasgow
4. Liverpool
5. Leeds
6. Sheffield
7. Edinburgh
8. Bristol
9. Manchester
10. Leicester


United Kingdom Known For:

Fish and Chips
Historic Landmarks
Queen Elizabeth II
Tea and Biscuits
Football (Soccer)


Top 10 Facts About United Kingdom

1. London in the past has gone by many other names including Londonium, Ludenburg and Ludenwic
2. England is well known for its love of tea and drinks more than any other nation
3. England introduced the world to many sports including soccer, polo, cricket, rugby and many others
4. The famous ‘Great Fire of London’ brought devastation to much of the capital city, but actually only six people died
5. The first ever public zoo opened up in London, England in 1829
6. The London Eye, previously known as the Millennium Wheel, is the highest Ferris wheel in the world
7. England has the highest rate of obesity of any country in Europe
8. Which is ironic as it is also renowned for having the worst food in the world…
9. The tower of Big Ben is being renamed Elizabeth tower in honour of the current Queen of England. ‘Big Ben’ actually refers to the bell itself and not the tower.
10. Police in Britain do not carry guns except in rare emergency cases, preferring the classic truncheon