Map of Ukraine

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Ukraine ( by population)

1. Kiev
2. Kharkiv
3. Dnipropetrovs’k
4. Donets’k
5. Odesa
6. Zapoizhzhya
7. L’viv
8. Kryvyy Rih
9. Mykolayiv
10. Mariupol


Ukraine Known For:

Brothers Klitschko
Chernobyl Disaster
Beautiful Women
Beautiful Language


Top 10 Facts About Ukraine

1. In Ukraine only half the country speaks Ukrainian – with the other half speaking Russian (actually the split is 53/44)
2. The Ukraine has been independent from the Soviet Union since 1991
3. The Ukrainian politician Pylyp Orlyk is famous for creating the world’s very first constitution
4. The country may have an unusual sounding name, but the word ‘Ukraine’ actually comes from ‘Krai’ meaning border
5. Aesenalna Station is 105 meters underground making it the world’s deepest Metro station
6. Kyiv in Ukraine is home to the most popular MacDonald’s in the world which gets over 2 million orders every year!
7. Ukranian is a beautiful language and is rated as the third most beautiful in the world. It’s also considered the second most ‘melodic’
8. Europe’s geographic center is situated in Ukraine placing the country right at the heart of matters
9. Ukraine is also the largest country that’s located entirely in Europe (though the European ‘portion’ of Russia is larger)
10. A significant historic event in Ukraine was the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The country suffered a significant radioactive fallout