USA vs Europe


Both the US and Europe have an awful lot going for them, and of course it’s impossible to say definitely who ‘wins’ in a competition between USA vs Europe – it’s a very subjective decision with far too many factors. That said, we can certainly compare the two and look at how they measure up.

The first thing you need to consider when looking at the USA vs Europe is that Europe is a continent with lots of different countries whereas the USA is a single country (though North America is also a continent). This then means that in terms of diversity, the US is going to lose out. There is just one government in the US and there is just one main language; this is opposed to Europe where there are many governments and regimes, many languages and generally huge differences depending on where you go. However that said, North America is still a highly racially and ethnically diverse region. In terms of climate and scenery both America and Europe have a lot of diverse views to offer up – compare Alaska to the Grand Canyon in the US. However it’s probably fair to say that Europe has just slightly more to offer in terms of variety of scenery and this is due to one simple fact: Europe is larger than North American. If it’s cities you’re interested in however then the US is the place to enjoy some of the largest cities and New York is considerably larger than Europe;s biggest city, London. And there’s nothing quite like Vegas in Europe either…

The culture in Europe and the US is very different and hard to compare as a ‘USA vs Europe’ competition. The US is relatively young compared to Europe and so it has less to offer in terms of history – there is nothing comparable to the Colosseum in Rome for instance. However at the same time, US culture now dominates – partly thanks to its flourishing entertainment industry and partly due to the huge success of capitalism that ensures that even in the remotest areas of Europe you can find a Coca-Cola dispenser. The US has largely the most influential culture in the world.

Europe vs USA

Europe vs USA

In terms of economy it’s hard to say who wins out of USA Vs Europe. This is because reports vary and it also depends on precisely what you are measuring. While wealth has fallen across the world, it seems to have dropped fastest in the US and this has left Europe with the greater share of the wealth. This is to say that Europe wins USA vs Europe in terms of wealth distribution. The EU also has the highest GDP and the largest economy, as well as the most Fortune 500 companies. That said, the US has a higher GDP than any single European country, so it is really only the combined might of those European countries that is able to compete.

Indeed the Euro was partly formed in order to compete with the dollar and so US vs Europe has never been a hotter issue. However the strength of this ‘combined’ economy is also it’s weakness and the failure of a few poorer countries that use the Euro can very much affect the value of the Euro. Meanwhile opportunities in some areas of Europe are vastly different from those in other countries – while the same opportunities are offered all across the US (though that’s not to say that the wealth is evenly distributed).

In terms of military might and political influence on a global stage, it is fair to say the US has the upper hand – and this is likely to continue as long as Europe consists of smaller countries. The EU military currently consists of the various national armed forces of the 27 member states rather than a single military.

It is impossible to view the USA vs Europe objectively as they are very different creatures that are inexorably different. That said, both are huge superpowers, culturally diverse, developed and proud regions and the great thing is that we don’t have to choose between them as the two go hand in hand quite nicely…