What Happens in Europe, Stays in Europe


For anyone who has seen The Hangover, the idea of an amazing party somewhere miles away from your normal home and where all the rules are a little more relaxed and carefree might seem like a very appealing prospect indeed. Sometimes you just want to cut loose and have a wild time and it’s always best to do this when you’re not in your usual post code where your boss or wife might see you…

While Vegas was the destination of choice in that infamous film, and while Thailand was chosen for the inferior sequel, Europe more and more is becoming a great option for anyone who wants to have a great night out that won’t come back to haunt them and there are many pluses to this idea.

If you are looking to enjoy your stag night or hen party specifically then some of the most happening places to go are in Europe from Amsterdam, to Prague, to Krakow to Bournemouth. Not only do these places offer you some very relaxed laws regarded whatever it is you want to get up to (particularly Amsterdam, and just walking through the red light district can make for an amusing and unforgettable night), but they also boast a cheap night in many cases (particularly Krakow) and a relatively cheap journey to somewhere that isn’t too foreign that you’re going to get into trouble and wind up in a local jail (Thailand is a little risky).

At the same time the very fact that you are in a new city and in a new country can really help everyone to let their hair down, and as you’re even farther afield than you would be in Thailand there’s a much slimmer chance of this coming back to you. Spend the night in Krakow and you can wonder at the amazing underground clubs and some of the cheapest-yet-most-lethal vodka you are ever likely to drink. Spend in in Bournemouth and you can enjoy completely destroying your brain cells in clubs that stay open until 6am – not even the clubs in Vegas can match that.

In other words if you want to be the best best man ever, or if you just want to have a completely wild weekend with a group of friends – then consider Europe as your destination. And remember: what happens in Europe, stays in Europe.