What is Europe Famous For?


Being a rather large continent with numerous different countries and cultures to offer, Europe is known for rather a lot. Specifically you could say that there are many things each country is known for and the first things that often come to mind are the exports, and the experiences we have personally when we have visited: for France it’s art, wine, romance and cooking; for Italy it’s pasta, firey passion and history; for Ireland it’s Catholicism, Guinness and charm; for Poland it’s hard work, cabanossi and warming stews, etc.

At the same time though European countries are often known by their landmarks, and each has landmarks and sites so famous and well known that we can identify the country often by the silhouette of these landmarks alone. See if you can name the countries: Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, The Vatican City, The Gerkin, Auschwitz… Then European countries are known for the famous events in history that they were host to – from great wars, to empires, to more recent political strife….

So what is the continent as a whole known for? Well really, this is it – it’s known for its diversity, for its rich cultural heritage and for its variation of food. When people think of Europe they generally think of a first world Western culture that is made up of countless other cultures each with a rich history spanning back centuries and the amazing architecture still standing from those times. At the same time Europe is known for its vast variety of foods – with each country famous for a different kind of cuisine, an it’s known for its variety of exports and creative endeavours.

This is the reason people from other countries visit Europe – so they can sample new tastes and experiences, and so they can explore some vastly different cultures that are all so close to each other. And while it offers all the convenience and luxuries of developed Western destinations, it is rich in history and stunning architecture – a tribute to its colourful and varied past.