Why Europe Is The Most Progressive Country For Breastfeeding


Europe is one of the biggest continents on this planet and it’s also one of the most diverse continents out of the rest because of the number of cultures it has to offer. Europe is also a part of Eurasia which is made up of Europe and Asia. This combination gives Europe a mixture of people and it gives Europe the diverse culture and thinking which eventually evolved into becoming what it is today. This culture change and critical thinking have moulded and formed Europe to become the continent it is today. The other continents may have progressed but it definitely hasn’t pulled its weight to become a progressive continent while they are making strides, It’s still not enough. 

One of the things that contribute to the idea that Europe is a progressive continent is their ideals and views towards the way they view breastfeeding. Now, Breastfeeding may not be a hot button topic like war or sexual harassment but it’s something that has to be brought forward. Now, Europe is pretty cool about breastfeeding and the way they’ve gone around this is the way they put out their views on breastfeeding alternate and that is formula milk. Now formula milk is not necessarily a bad thing but the thing is breastfeeding is way healthier than you think.

Firstly, Formula milk does not have the same amount of nutrients that a normal cup of breast milk has. This is because chemists and scientists haven’t been able to replicate the same nutrients you can get from colostrum which is the scientific term for breast milk. Now, Colostrum has a lot of carbohydrates, A big amount of healthy antibodies that are needed for a healthy growing baby with a weak immune system and lastly it has a decent amount of protein for a baby that is growing muscles daily. The protein part of colostrum is pretty important because like I mentioned above. Babies grow their muscles daily, in fact, the first 36 months of a baby’s growth is considered rapid when compared to that of an adult’s growth. Another thing to add is a baby’s digestive system is not really fully developed so it’s best that the babies get the right amount of all of these things but at a lower volume.

Europe has recognized this and they know that it’s important to protect the rights of women who want to breastfeed and they’ve got a plan laid out for the coming days and the future so they’ve got the short-term plan in mind and also the long term plan in mind. Europe has called this plan the blueprint and one of the main reasons they’ve actually laid out this plan is because they want to improve the breastfeeding practices and also the breastfeeding rates all around Europe and countries that are in the European Union. 


When a mother gives birth in Europe, They’re given a full course on firstly the importance of breastfeeding. They do something similar here in Malaysia but it mainly revolves around new mother products Malaysia. The course outlines the main reasons why breastfeeding should be kept going and they even go through with you the proper ways to breastfeeds. They even go through some tips with you such as the use of disposable breast pads and ziplock breastmilk storage bags. These kinds of things aren’t general knowledge for most mothers and the fact that the European government has taken notice of this one small thing and they’ve put a whole blueprint plan down is quite admirable.

Post Birth

The European government even keeps up with the mothers through a report card system to see how breastfeeding is going and they try to learn a bit more from this report card system on how they can improve the course and improve their first-hand knowledge of breastfeeding. They also do this to make improvements on the blueprint for future mothers.

Not a lot of countries would do this let alone continents but Europe has managed to find a way to get the blueprint past the bill and they managed to make improvements on it over time. If you’re looking to read up more on Europe’s plan on breastfeeding then click here to learn more.