Worlds Statistics


Worlds statistics might sound a little boring, but when you dig deeper it becomes more interesting because you are a part of this world and the data will affect you in some way. Worlds statistics helps us understand the global trends and global problems that we are facing and when we have all the data before us, we can collectively think together and find a solution to save our future. In other words, worlds statistics are like tools for predicting and forecasting what is coming in the near future and how we can manipulate it to our best interest.

At EuropeWord we understand the importance of worlds statistics and hence we provide you with detailed information about everything you may want to know about our world. Here you will find vital worlds statistics, like number of species extinct, the amount of oil pumped, HIV infection cases around the world, cancer incidences, the amount of CO2 emissions that is gradually harming our global environment and the ecosystem.

The worlds statistics information that you can find on EuropeWord is a collective data from sources like World Health Organization and US Census Bureau. Additionally, you can find more data on the world population which is further broken up into number of males and females in the world, the number of births and deaths and so on. The worlds statistics on EuropeWord shows statistical data about illness and injury incidences where you get a break down of information on how many people are suffering from AIDS, diabetes, cancer and other deadly diseases. It also shows the crime and punishment data for the United States of America. You might also be interest to check the More section where you get detailed information about US National debts, Nigerian scams and the number of spam emails sent.